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Product name : Activated carbon non-woven fabrics
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Activated carbon filter cotton 
Also known as: charcoal cotton, activated carbon filter cotton 
Category: activated carbon and activated carbon acupuncture cotton cotton hot air 
Material: Synthetic + active carbon powder 
Color: Black 
Temperature: ≤80 ℃ 
Structure: sheets or rolls 
Filtration precision: 1-10μ 
Features: a dual role deodorant and dust. 
Uses: In addition to odor, dust 
Activated carbon filter cotton common places: general air filtration system or the ultimate end filtration device before deodorizing filter. 
Activated carbon filter cotton should pay attention to the problem: 1: So shall mainly cotton filter dust, plus get rid of part of the smell, to completely odor, please remind. 2: Do not wash, so cleansed filter media: activated carbon powder.

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