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Product name : fiberglass filter roll
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Fiber glass filter roll

Also known as: cotton, mesh barrier paint, carpet mist 
Category: plus end with the general type 
Material: glass fiber, the windward side is green, outlet side is white 
Color: green and white 
Temperature: 170 ℃ 
Structure: sheets or rolls 
The average separation efficiency mist mat: 95% 
Characteristics: resistance is low, mist adsorption effect, easy to distinguish between positive and negative, flexible, economical and practical 
Use: spray booth and painting equipment or kitchen trapping system, adsorption of chemical fumes mist systems, and ultimately enable exhaust gases to meet environmental requirements. Painting room or kitchen smoke emission filter filtering. 
Common places: cars, furniture, machinery, hardware and tools, electronic spray paint spray paint room or workshop 
Note mist felt: 1: Install mist felt the process, try to wear gloves in contact, so start rolling in fiberglass. 2: mist felt fragile, do not pull hard. 

Mist felt technical parameters: (Other sizes can be customized)

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