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Product name : Retardant foam
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Retardant foam 

Also known as: fire sponge, fire-retardant cotton 
Material: Polyether polyol, toluene diisocyanate, methylene chloride, silicone oil, poly dimethyl ethanolamine, flameproofing agents, stannous octoate 
Structure: sheets or rolls, sheet conventional size: 1mX2m 
Application: electronics factory, furniture factory, health care equipment factory, baby car factory, auto accessories factory 
Fire resistance: when flames ignited sponge does not produce fire, and will not continue to burn, burning sponge black granular form after falling out 
Several conventional thickness :1-8mm (packaging industry, electronics factory) ,10-30mm (furniture, aquarium industry) 

Retardant foam production process: 
① prepare materials 
② frozen 
③ Mixing: Stir the raw materials to make materials more evenly, to make foam holes uniform 
④ foam: foam inside the machine 
⑤ Drying: After the foam retardant foam remove and dry 
⑥ cut: Specifies the size of the fire-retardant foam cut

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