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Product name : Pre-filter roll
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Air conditioning ventilation system flame retardant filter cottonThe new generation of fiber flame retardant technology-composite and interpenetration of inorganic polymer and organic polymer makes the flame retardant inorganic polymer exist in the nano-state or interpenetrating network state in the fiber organic macromolecule, which not only ensures the fiber is strong. The extension achieves low toxicity, low smoke, no melt dripping and no harm to the environment. The fire produces a small amount of smoke and does not dissolve.

Flame-retardant cotton is mainly used in industrial dustproof and fire-resistant places. The ventilation system and air-conditioning system are the most widely used. The flame-retardant cotton produced by our company is made of flame-retardant synthetic fiber with elasticity and fracture resistance. Fusion process support, double-sided spray and flame retardant treatment, with better elasticity and strength, and better flame retardant effect. Flame retardant cotton has good corrosion resistance, resistance to weak acid and weak alkali, and high temperature resistance.

Technical Parameters:Regular thickness: 5mm, 10mm
Color: beigeFilter level: G3-G4Filter object: ≥5μm
particlesFlame retardant rating: S4 (DIN5510-2)
Smoke level: SR2 (DIN5510-2)
Dissolution grade: ST2 (DIN5510-2)
Oxygen index: ≥32 (TB/EUROVENT)
Smoke density: ≤200 (TB/T3237)
Temperature resistance: ≤100°
CInstant temperature resistance: ≤120°C
Rated wind speed: 2.5m/s
Initial resistance: ≤40Pa
Rated air volume: 7200m3/h
Specifications: 0.36X100mX5mm, 0.42X100mX5mm, 1X100mX5mm, 0.36X20mX10mm, 0.42X20mX10mm, 1X20mX10mm, the maximum width can be no more than 2m.

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