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Product name : Post cotton filter paper
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Post cotton filter paper

Also known as: mist filter paper, filter paper organ , pleated filter paper
Size : 1mX10m
Packaging: cardboard packaging, individually wrapped
Color: yellow side , one side white , there are whole yellow

Product Features :
Low- drag , high-performance , low-cost
Beyond the life of the other filters up to 6 times
Adsorption capacity, up to 18Kg / m ,
The coating type , characteristics, solids content state , the filtration efficiency of up to 99.9%

Filter principle:
V-shaped fold structure can effectively absorb the over -range spraying jets forced over the flow to change direction several times , heavier than air particles will adhere to the walls of the paper , with the air will not take away . Overspray filling material from the lower part of the folds , until the matter is completely clogged filter will need to be replaced .
Depth bearing type , filtration efficiency increases with saturation , inertial separation, avoiding the rebound over the spray , the front row of holes designed , self- offset , to ensure good airflow and stability.

Application of various environmental spray cabinets, wood , metal, furniture spray, automotive and other industrial spray coating , can effectively filter paint , oils , glass raw materials , epoxy resin , tar , Teflon , liquefied piece , plastic, porcelain , dyes , painting class , air-dried porcelain.

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