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Product name : High temperature filter
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High-temperature synthetic fiber filter cotton 
Also known as: temperature filter cotton, imported cotton filter temperature, soot filter cotton, etc. 
Category: Domestic and imported type type 
Material: high temperature synthetic fiber cotton filters using Kevlar (Aromatic polyamide) in non-woven synthetic fiber made ​​from laminated 
Color: orange 
Temperature: ≤240 ℃ 
Structure: sheet 
Filtration precision: 1μ-10μ 
High-temperature synthetic cotton filter characteristics: wind resistance, breathable, stable performance and strong chemical resistance. Stable, long-term use without high temperature aging at 220 ℃, and excellent dimensional stability, thermal shrinkage at 250 ℃ was only 1%, short-term exposure to 300 ℃ high school does not shrink, embrittlement, soften or melt, only begins to decompose at above 370 ℃, and about 400 ℃ start carbonation. 
Good high temperature synthetic fiber filter cotton flame retardant properties, not spontaneous, not combustion, there is self-extinguishing, fire-insoluble droplets, resulting in a small amount of smoke, natural carbonation, no fiber breakage caused by the glass, off the fiber and so on. 
Uses: can effectively dust, harmful fumes can resist chemical attack, filtering tar, soot, dust and other particles produced in high-temperature drying room to prevent damage to the surface of the paint quality items. 
Common places: high flue widely used in chemical plants, thermal power plants, carbon black plants, cement plants, lime plants, coking plants, smelters, asphalt plants, painting plants and electric arc furnaces, oil boilers, incinerators and hot air filtration . 
Should pay attention to the problem: No 
Size: 500 × 500 × 20 (± 3) mm 
Initial resistance: 45Pa

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