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Product name : Galvalume FFU filter
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 What is Galvalume FFU filter ?
FFU (Fan Filter Unit) is a combination of fan and filter can also be called a " built-in fan filtration equipment ." FFU are usually installed in the supply end of the clean room , usually placed on the lifting of the "dry" gasket keel frame. FFU upper part of the fan module , the lower part of the filter. Accordance with the requirements of cleanliness , filters for different levels of efficiency (HEPA) or ultra-efficient (ULPA) filters provide clean air for the clean room . Fan modules in addition to the lower part of FFU to overcome the resistance of the filter efficiency , but also to overcome the resistance of the whole cycle all channels of wind components in order to maintain the set running speed. Design and construction of FFU system with simple, flexible speed adjustment , easy to change and so clean area , so the system has become one of the popular forms of industrial clean room .
Galvalume FFU filter has characteristics:
First: flexibility. Because the self-powered limiting FFU , it is not the region. In a huge clean room where , according to need , zoning control . Moreover, with the change in the semiconductor manufacturing process , plant layout is bound to be adjusted accordingly , flexibility FFU makes this adjustment easier , and will not bring secondary investments.
Second: reusability . Theoretically, without a moment 's FFU equipment , can be removed , sealed, safekeeping , left the next use.
Third: negative pressure ventilation. This is the unique characteristics of FFU . Because of its own to provide static , making relative to the clean air plenum plant negative . Thus, the static pressure inside the particles on the role will not leak under pressure to clean area, so that the seal becomes very simple and safe.
Fourth: shorten the construction period . Eliminating the need for the use of FFU duct fabrication and installation because the air duct in a clean project, takes up a lot of the construction period , any investor wants to invest as soon as possible to bring income , the choice of FFU become a possibility .
Fifth : to reduce operating costs. Although the selection of FFU, the initial investment than with high ventilation duct , but it is running late , the outstanding performance of energy-saving , maintenance-free characteristics . With a 40% reduction in cycle operating costs .
Galvalume filter FFU key performance parameters:
Modulus size (ceiling modular size): install ceiling keel centerline spacing , FFU used standard modulus size is 1200X600 (4'X2 '), 1200X900 (4'X3'), 1200X1200 (4'X4 ').
Actual size (actual size): Actual Size FFU filter HONGMAO Industrial modulus size = - ( keel section width -25mm), the actual size of the fan module is slightly larger than the filter 4mm. For example, commonly used in ceiling keel face width of 55mm, the modulus size is the actual size of the corresponding 1200,900,600 1170,870,570 filters for FFU , the actual size of the fan module is 1174,874,574 .
Machine outside the residual pressure (ESP): In a set speed, the total static pressure fan module (TSP) , net of HEPA / ULPA filter resistance , that is, machine outside the residual pressure (ESP), the unit is Pa. ESP FFU machine is the ability to overcome resistance in the clean room air circulation , either dimension the overall static TSP FFU and pressure or fan outside the machine module are required air velocity or air volume name , or no meaning .
Input energy (input power consumption): normal operation of FFU input voltage and input current of the product , the unit is W. Obviously , FFU at different operating conditions point , that run at different air volume and total static pressure , enter a different energy . Therefore, if you do not specify the operating point , the value of the input energy does not make sense .
Single noise (noise level): according to the standard IES-RP-CC002, FFU normal operation when the noise level in the air from the surface of the center is below 1.2mm , the unit is dB (A). FFU at different operating conditions point , that run at different air volume and total static pressure , different noise. Therefore, if you do not specify the operating point , the noise level does not make sense .
Fretting (micro vibration): According to the standard IES-RP-CC002, FFU vibration amplitude and vibration rate at the maximum operating conditions point units are mm and mm / s.
Uniformity air (air uniformity): according to the standard IES-RP-CC002, the normal operation of FFU , the distance by measuring the surface side of the wind 150mm (6 ") of the horizontal surface wind speed, the average value of the obtained average wind speed. minimum and maximum wind speed and air deviation than is uniformity in units of + / - % standard IES-RP-CC002 FFU required air velocity at any point of its average wind speed deviation should be within + / - 20% or less .
Filter efficiency rating (filter grade): according to the European standard EN1822, Filter class from H10-H14, U15-U17. Or according to the American standard MIL-282 (HEPA), for 0.3um efficiency values ​​; according to the American standard IES-RP-CC007.1, for 0.12um efficiency values.

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