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Product name : Domestic cotton-type high-temperature filter
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Domestic cotton-type high-temperature filter 
Other names: High temperature air filter, high temperature 250 ℃ synthetic cotton filters, high temperature oven filter, air filter temperature, high temperature synthetic fiber filters, high temperature air filter, filter cotton oven 

Product Features: 
1: High temperature filtration cotton imports both general performance and low cost. 
2: the use of high-temperature filter cotton material made of synthetic fibers, not falling 
3: a low-loss, high dust collection efficiency 
4: flame retardant, high temperature to 250 ℃ 
5: Material for synthetic fibers, glass fibers can completely avoid injuries incurred on the human body 
6: Standard size: temperature 180 ℃ 1.6 × 20m × 10mm or sheet filtration efficiency G3 

1: coarse dust generally coarse dust filtration systems and high temperature hot air oven filtering. 
2: Create a high-temperature air filter. 

Note: Non-standard sizes can be customized.

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