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Product name : Cooling Pad
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Cooling Pad aka curtain and water curtain, was a honeycomb structure, is produced by paper processing, which uses a new generation of cross-linked polymer material and space technology made with high water absorption, high water resistant, anti-mildew, use long life and other advantages. Large surface area and evaporation, cooling efficiency of more than 80%, does not contain surfactants, natural water absorption, diffusion speed, performance and lasting. A drop of water 4 to 5 seconds to finish the proliferation. International industry standard for natural absorbent 60 ~ 70mm / 5min or 200mm / 1.5hour. Pad also contain phenol easy to skin allergies and other chemicals used to install non-toxic to humans, green, safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, economic.
Production process: sizing, drying, corrugating, stereotypes, gluing, curing, slicing, grinding, to taste, cropped.
Cooling Pad Specifications:
In China, usually wave height 5mm, 7mm, and two, namely 5090 and 7090 model, its performance for the ripple of 60 ° × 30 ° staggered opposed, 45 ° × 45 staggered opposed.
Poultry and Livestock: chicken farm, pig, cattle, livestock, etc.
Greenhouse and horticulture: vegetable storage, seed house, floral cultivation, mushroom farms, etc.
Industrial Cooling: cooling ventilation plants, industrial humidifier, entertainment, pre-cooling, air handling units, etc.
Evaporative Cooling Pad is very durable products. In order to ensure the longest life expectancy wet curtain and maintain optimal efficacy, use the correct installation and use. When stopping use: day before shutdown, let the fans continue to turn off the water 30 minutes or even longer, until completely dry the wet curtain down, this will help prevent the growth of algae, thus avoiding blocking pumps, filters and water distributor . Algae can be in any light, moist, bare surface growth, here are some suggestions to prevent the growth of :( chlorine and bromine are both very common bell chemicals to prevent algae growth. But it wet curtain core potential dangers, be careful to use;) Do not use an open pond water; with better water quality water; for tank affixed to it to prevent exposure to the sun and dust into the air; after cutting off the water and then let the fan run period of time; the water self-sufficiency with other systems to isolate; wet curtain of direct sunlight.

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