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Product name : Activated carbon fiber
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Activated carbon filter fold 
Also known as: activated carbon filters, activated carbon filters folded, activated carbon filter 
Frame: aluminum frame, frame galvanized steel, stainless steel frame 
The material: activated carbon acupuncture cotton 
Care Network: double-sided spray or galvanized mesh grille protection 
Efficiency: G2-G4 
Color: Black 
Temperature: ≤80 ℃ 
Features: Activated carbon filter plate with the early effect of folded filter type is almost, but in addition there is the material can absorb the effect of dust, but also 
To remove part of the air taste, meet environmental requirements. 
Activated carbon filters folded Note: 1: Activated carbon filters can be made folding removable, you can simply replace the materials when replacing.   2: Activated carbon filters can be washed folding type of picture frame, non-wash type is generally grille folding. 
Activated carbon filters used folding places: small equipment, ventilation ducts outlet, air filtration system pre-filter, the end of the filtration.

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