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Product name : Activated carbon fiber media
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Activated carbon filter bag 

Also known as: activated carbon filter bag, bag of activated carbon filters, activated carbon filter bag 
Frame: aluminum frame, frame galvanized steel, stainless steel frame 
The material: activated carbon acupuncture cotton 
Structure: Multi-bag 
Frame Thickness: 21 / 25mm 
Color: Black 
Efficiency: G2-G4 
Temperature: ≤80 ℃ 
Features: suitable for the requirements of wind capacity air filtration system 
Uses: coarse dust filter, while the taste of the air filter with some harmful gases, meet environmental requirements. 
Activated carbon filter bag Notes: 1: charcoal bag filter is not clean, disposable consumables.2: charcoal bag filter bag is placed upright better, better filtering effect.

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