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Product name : 110g/160g acupuncture cotton filters
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110g/160g acupuncture cotton filters 
Also known as: acupuncture cotton, needle felt, initial filter cotton, cotton air filter 
Color: White 
Efficiency: G2-G4 
Thickness :3-5mm 
Conventional Weight: 110g or 160g 
Divided into: clothing filled with air filtration 
Packing: film bags 
110g/160g acupuncture cotton filter uses: acupuncture cotton industry in the name of the called needle felt. It is characterized by high density, thin thickness, texture hard, because the use of different environments, can be divided into different categories. Such as polyester needle felt, this is one of the most widely used, its low cost, a product used at room temperature. In addition there are other industrial polypropylene needle felt, cyanide Lun, aramid, PPS, PTFE, glass and a variety of materials such as fiber blend, the products are mostly made ​​bag, depending on the environment, high and low temperature, dust removal efficiency, use of different used in different places. 
Approach: acupuncture cotton is not through textiles, fibers with a needle directly into flakes of a product. 
110g/160g acupuncture cotton filter uses quite extensive, in addition to clothing, interior decorative wall covering also used acupuncture cotton as substrate material.

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